Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a safe and economical way to safely clean drains and sewer pipes.

Charlotte-Water-JettingSludge, grease, and other types of debris can accumulate in drain lines, causing blockages and backups. We offer expert waterjet cutting services designed to clear such sediment buildups using a very high-pressure jet of water mixed with an abrasive substance. While equipment such as cable machines are highly effective at eliminating tree roots and other solid obstructions, softer obstructions, such as grease, require a more targeted approach. Waterjet cutting is a safe and economical way to safely clean drains and sewer pipes.

How Water Jetting Is Performed

The concept behind water jetting is fairly simple. Using powerful pumps and flexible hoses, water is pushed through a drain or sewer line in a direct, extremely concentrated stream. This powerful pressure has the ability to clean even the toughest of blockages and pipe sludge. Water jet tools also feature special nozzles to allow for forward and reverse water jets. In some instances, abrasive substances are mixed in with the water to allow for a more effective clean. Our high-pressure water jetting services are ideal for cutting through:

Sand, gravel, and mud
Heavy roots
Oil, fat, and grease
Hardened scale
Other solid pipe obstructions

Water Jetting as Preventative Maintenance

Our waterjet cutting services are also effective as part of your home’s preventative maintenance routine. Over time, drains and pipes can accumulate food particles, sticky beverages, grease and oils, hair, and various other materials that can gradually build up and block the pipes. Our waterjet cutting services can be used on a routine basis to safely clear away these accumulations before they have the opportunity to cause more costly problems.

Waterjet cutting has numerous benefits over traditional machinery. Cable machines are commonly used by plumbing professionals to remove blockages in sewer lines and pipes. However, when working with soft blockages such as grease, the cable merely punches a hole through the substance. When the cable is pulled back, the grease will likely seal up the pipe again. The powerful water pressure of water jetting cuts the grease from the pipe walls and pushes it down the line and out of your plumbing system.

Our waterjet cutting services are highly effective at clearing all types of blocked lines and pipes. For more information about our services, contact us today.